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Alquemist's Maze
About The Game

This is Alquemist's Maze:

Curiosity set you up. As you were visiting some old ruins you found a hole and fell through it. Now you are in a maze, the Alquemist’s Maze. You have become a sphere and the only way to move around is to tilt the room and be moved by gravity. You get trapped by lighting leashes coming off circles on the floor. You get hit and pushed by small towers around the rooms; still you need to touch those towers to complete the levels. There are red objects that chase you and when they touch you they reduce your ability to score and complete the levels. Your only friend is the green object that when it touches you increases your ability to score.

You start as a Novice. As your score increases, you become an Apprentice, Journeyman, Alchemist, Expert, Master and finally Grand Master. There are 8 exits in each level. The metal of the exit indicates the status of the adjacent level: copper is not started, silver is started and gold is completed. There are 256 levels, each with unique layouts and background designs. There are 3 modes: easy, normal and hard. Choosing a new game in a difficulty will erase all progress made in that mode if previously played. You move your device to move the ball in the levels.